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Dirty Joke - the__baroness

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Dirty Joke Feb. 4th, 2006 @ 10:16 pm Next Entry
I'm still not moved in yet. Grrrrr... this move has been hella stupid, adn teh thing that bugs me about that is that I've spent a lot of money and madfe a lot of sacrifices in the last year just so that I wouldnt have stupid moves anymore. My friend Melanie counselled, "there is no easy move."

Today I was getting a table out of storage to my apartment. It was bad weather but I was doing pretty good. Unfortunately, just as I was about to go up the stairs to my door, a BIG gust of wind came, caught the table like a parachute, and blew me backwards. The table and I flew into the air over a construction fence into a construction area. (Which was really just a mud pile.) So there I was flat on my back in the rain soaked mud, with a table on top of me and the rain falling down. I got mud soaked right down to my underwear! Fortunately, I've had a good week so I was easily able to find the humour in it, and started laughing right away.

My neighbourhood is full of what I call YP's: Young Professionals. I kept talking about the YPs to my bro last week, adn the first thing her said was, "Did any of the YPs see you?" I realized, I kind of hope so. Tho I like them and wouldnt mind dating one, I'll never be one. They'll be the ones sitting beside their chocolate coloured dogs with homemade latte, gazing out the window at a funny sight. And I will be the funny sight. With brown muderpants.
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